Why What You Wear Matters

We’re meant to clothe ourselves in something. God clothed us first for our exit out of the Garden into the world. (Genesis 3:21) It’s a tough world out there. Make sure you’ve got on you what your Father God intended.

What you put on is an outward expression of internal feelings. It tells others something about you. Have you ever put on something that made you feel like a whole new person? 

I’ve always said, “Of all the things that you can’t control in your life, every day you get to decide what you wear & what your hair looks like.” I’ll admit, the hair part is subjective. 

You clothe yourself in garments, sending a message to someone. Sometimes it’s others, sometimes it’s yourself. It can be an outward expression of what you feel inside or an outward action to bring out your best inside. It’s this ebb & flow, and maybe a decision that’s more important than we realize. 

Clothe yourself in what brings out what you already know to be true of you. Or maybe you’re not sure it’s true & you might need some convincing. Make sure your truth lines up with the Lord’s love for you & what His Word says about you. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself. 

I truly mean it when I say that nobody is like you & that’s what makes you art. Who cares what size you are, big or small. Who made up the rules that one was the norm? You’re different than absolutely everybody else. I’m sorry if your body has been a source of rejection for you. Separate the two. You. Are. Art. Now go live like it. 

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